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Leave It To PET Volume 1

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Leave It To PET Volume 1 by Kenji Sonishi from VIZ Kids / VIZ Media

Leave It To PET Volume 1

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The Bottom Line

PET is a pint-sized, self-proclaimed "super robot" made from a recycled plastic bottle. His mission? To help 9-year old Noboru Yamada to repay him for recycling. Trouble is, PET's ineptitude and misfiring mecha gadgets usually creates hilarious headaches galore for poor Noburu.

With its simple but appealing artwork and kid-friendly gags, Leave it to PET is probably the wackiest eco-conscious comic you'll ever read. It does get repetitive to see PET mess things up over and over again, but Sonishi regularly introduces new robot pals who keep things fresh and funny. An all-ages manga that'll tickle kids and adults.

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  • Filled with hilarious, giggle-inducing sight gags that both kids and adults will enjoy
  • PET is a clever, contrarian satire of every helpful robot/pocket monster ever seen in kids manga
  • Sonishi keeps it fun and fresh by introducing other quirky recycled robots
  • Eco-conscious message is low-key and never preachy or dull
  • Nice to see color pages to enhance the Sonishi's bold and simple artwork


  • Somewhat repetitive plots (Noboru needs help, PET tries to help but fails) might get old soon
  • By receiving PET as his reward for recycling, Noboru starts to regret being eco-conscious
  • As the beleaguered straight man, Noboru doesn't get a lot of character development


Guide Review - Leave It To PET Volume 1

Nowadays, kids and adults alike are encouraged to adopt eco-conscious habits. Trouble is, most "save the earth" messages tend to be pretty preachy. Here to save us all this greener-than-art-thou attitude is Leave It To PET, a hilarious gag manga featuring a self-proclaimed "super robot" made from a recycled plastic bottle.

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a type of recyclable plastic that's commonly used in beverage bottles. Playing off the double meaning of "pet," Sonishi has created a pint-sized robot who means well, but often doesn't do very well -- in fact, PET is a bit of a screw-up.

Compared to other faithful robot companions who have helped other manga character kids over the years, PET is often more of a hassle than a help to his human friend, 9-year old Noboru. Over the course of several misadventures, PET trashes Noboru's bike, messes up his room, fries his friend's cell phone and reduces Noboru's comic collection to pellets. One starts to wonder, why does Noboru bother calling PET for help anyway?

The eco-conscious message is there, but given how much of a pest PET is, his misadventures might discourage kids from recycling bottles, in fear that they might get stuck with their own not-so-helpful robot pal!

But all this is what makes Leave It To PET so hilarious. PET is not a helpful and wise companion -- he's just as bratty, lazy and moody as any kid. As PET makes Noboru's life just a little more miserable, this robot reject pokes fun at pocket monsters, ninjas, transforming robots and game boys. It's all done with such snarky glee, it's hard not to snicker as each wacky mishap occurs.

Leave It To PET is meant for kids, but even the most jaded grown-up manga reader will find themselves giggling at PET and his quirky recycled robot pals. A refreshingly fun children's comic that's clever enough for older readers too.

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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