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Fall 2009 New Manga Preview

New and Notable Manga, Graphic Novels and Art Books


11. Emma Vol. 10

Emma Volume 10
© 2007 Kaoru Mori, ENTERBRAIN

Author and Artist: Kaoru Mori
Publisher: CMX Manga
Release Date: December 2 , 2009
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After falling in love and overcoming numerous obstacles to their romance, William Jones, a gentlemen of the gentry is marrying Emma, a maid. While they have numerous friends and allies on their side, William and Emma must still overcome William's father's objections and the disapproval of English high society.

After 9 volumes of exquisitely-drawn historical detail and thoughtfully-told romance, the final volume of Emma will be out in December. If you've been following this series, this is a bittersweet moment -- but if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?

12. Tegami Bachi Vol. 1

Tegami Bachi Volume 1 by Hiroyuki Asada from Shonen Jump / VIZ Media
© 2006 by Hiroyuki Asada / SHUEISHA Inc.

Author and Artist: Hiroyuki Asada
Publisher: Shonen Jump / VIZ Media
Release Date:September 1, 2009
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Amberground is a land cloaked in perpetual darkness, where only the very rich get to live in (artificial) sunlight, and the only communication is conveyed by letters that are hand-delivered by letter bees. Gauche Suede is a letter bee sent to pick up and deliver a parcel, only to discover that it's not a package, but a little boy named Lag Seeing, who has a special gift of his own.

Currently featured in Shonen Jump magazine, Tegami Bachi features a mix of fantasy, action and steampunk-flavored sci-fi, all wrapped up in a beautifully drawn package.

13. Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai

Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai
© Stan Sakai

Author and Artist: Stan Sakai
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: December 23, 2009
Visit Dark Horse's Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai webpage
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Stan Sakai's rabbit ronin for hire has faced enemies that are cunning, fierce and powerful -- but can he prevail against an army of yokai (spirits and demons)?

Created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Usagi Yojimbo, Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai is a stand-alone graphic novel presented with dazzling full-color artwork, all painstakingly painted in watercolors.

14. The Official xxxHolic Guide

The Official xxxHolic Guide

Author and Artist: CLAMP
Publisher: Del Rey Manga
Release Date: October 27, 2009
Visit Del Rey Manga's The Official xxxHolic Guide webpage
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The Official xxxHolic Guide provides fans with a companion guide to this supernatural manga series. Discover the secrets of the magical world of Yuko, Kimihiro, Dômeki, learn about the origins of the series, meet the characters, the creators and see sketches and full-color illustrations created by this super-star manga-ka collective.

15. What a Wonderful World! Vol. 1 & 2

What a Wonderful World! Volume 1 by Inio Asano, a seinen manga series published by VIZ Media
SUBARASHII SEKAI © Inio ASANO / Shogakukan Inc.

Author and Artist: Inio Asano
Publisher: VIZ Signature / VIZ Media
Release Date: October 20, 2009
Visit VIZ Media's What a Wonderful World webpage
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A college dropout gets shaken out of her twenty-something ennui as a series of strange and wonderful events occur around her. Mysterious, humorous, magical and tragic all at the same time, What A Wonderful World offers a series of short stories that remind us that living can be the greatest adventure of all.

This two-volume series by the creator of Eisner Award-nominated Solanin is being released by VIZ Signature in a one-two punch in October 2009 for double the fun, and double the reading pleasure.

16. Hero Tales Vol. 1

Hero Tales Vol. 1

Author: Jin Zhou Huang
Artist: Hiromu Arakawa
Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: October 27, 2009
Visit Yen Press' Hero Tales webpage
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From the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist comes a new tale of a young man with a magical quest -- but this time the setting is ancient China, and the cast of characters have celestial origins.

Stubborn and a little rough around the edges, Taitou is the last of his peers to complete his coming of age ceremony -- and for his troubles, he is presented with an ancient sword that he'll only be able to unsheathe if he becomes a true hero. He'll get his chance as he encounters seven celestial beings who hold the balance of peace and chaos in their hands.

17. Wild @ Heart Vol. 1

Wild Da Mon Vol. 1
© Natsumi Ando, KODANSHA

Author and Artist: Natsumi Ando
Publisher: Del Rey Manga
Release Date: December 29, 2009
Visit Del Rey Manga's Wild @ Heart webpage
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From the creator of the wildly popular shojo series Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I. comes a new romance that’s sure to hit her fans' sweet spot..

The story puts a shojo manga spin on "me Tarzan, you Jane" romance, as its teen heroine, Chino finds herself stuck with Hyou, a child her father brought home from the jungle. Wild child Hyou turns Chino's city gal life upside down, as she has to explain the ways of the urban jungle to him, and try not to die of embarrassment as Hyou creates numerous mishaps and misunderstandings in his wake.

18. Barefoot Gen Vol. 9 & 10

Author and Artist: Keiji Nakazawa
Publisher: Last Gasp
Release Date: November 1, 2009
Visit Last Gasp's Barefoot Gen webpage
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Waaay back in the day, manga was a strange novelty in an odd language from a land far, far away. But there was one manga that was considered too important to be only read by Japanese people, and it was translated into many languages, including English. That comic was Barefoot Gen, Keiji Nakazawa's harrowing first-person account of the horrors of World War II and the bombing of Hiroshima. Now Last Gasp is publishing the last two installments of Nakazawa's critically acclaimed series to complete the 10-volume tale.

19. Cigarette Kisses

Cigarette Kisses
© Nase Yamato and Libre Shuppan

Author and Artist: Nase Yamato
Publisher: Deux Press / Aurora
Release Date: September 23, 2009
Visit Deux Press' Cigarette Kisses webpage
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Yusuke and Soji have been pals since junior high -- but what Soji doesn't know is that Yusuke is in love with him. When Soji announces his marriage, Yusuke is crushed and the pair part ways. Cut to years later, as these two young men discover that they both work at the same company. As they rekindle their friendship over smoke breaks, things get complicated when a new (male) rival for Soji's affections appears.

Once licensed by now-defunct Broccoli Books, Cigarette Kisses is back on the release schedule, and boys love fans everywhere are sighing.

20. A Distant Neighborhood Vol. 1 & 2

A Distant Neighborhood Volume 2
© Jiro Taniguchi

Author and Artist: Jiro Taniguchi
Publisher: Fanfare - Ponent Mon
Release Date: September 30, 2009
Visit Fanfare - Ponent Mon's A Distant Neighborhood Vol. 1 webpage
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A few lucky souls got their hands on the first volume of A Distant Neighborhood earlier this summer -- now the second and last part of this graphic novel is due out in time for Small Press Expo 2009 at the end of September.

A middle-aged business man finds himself transported back to his middle-school days, with all of his adult memories intact. As he relives his past, he discovers new information about his family, his classmates and himself that just might change his future.

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