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Fruits Basket Volume 17

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Fruits Basket volume 17  by Natsuki Takaya published by TokyoPop

Fruits Basket Volume 17

© Natsuki Takaya / TokyoPop

The Bottom Line

Even Tohru, the usually upbeat heroine of the story can find little to smile about in Volume 17 of Fruits Basket, as new depths of the Sohma's family dysfunctional history are revealed. Unexpected plot twists come fast and furiously as we learn more about Akito, the powerful head of the family.

There are a few heartwarming interludes as Tohru finds comfort in the company of her friends and explores her feelings for Kyo. However, the main focus is on the twisted love triangle between Akito, Kureno and Shigure, and the hint of other mysteries left to be revealed in future volumes of this addictive shojo manga series.

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  • Shocking secrets are revealed about Akito, the head of the Sohma family
  • Tension grows as long-buried love triangles and grudges are revealed
  • A few sweet moments of the budding romance between Kyo and Tohru


  • An unusually dark chapter in this humorous and heartwarming shojo manga series
  • What's up with Machi and Yuki? I just don't get that relationship
  • Argh! The three-month wait for the next volume!


Guide Review - Fruits Basket Volume 17

After the laugh-out-loud fun of the "Sorta Cinderella" school play in Volume 15 and the touching flashbacks about the unconventional romance of Tohru's mother and father in Volume 16, Fruits Basket Volume 17 is a much, much darker chapter in the saga of the Sohma family. Surprising revelations about sadistic Akito, loyal Kureno and even easy-going Shigure come fast and furiously. You'll find yourself reading several passages twice just trying to keep a scorecard of the Sohma's dysfunctional family circus.

Even ever-cheerful Tohru finds little to smile about in this pivotal chapter of the usually light-hearted shojo manga series, as she tries to comprehend the implications of Kureno's confessions as they affect her best friend Arisa and her friends in the Sohma family. Her relationship with Kyo is another source of tension (although not necessarily in a bad way), as both teens find themselves wrestling with their growing romantic attraction to each other.

Thankfully, the tension is lifted momentarily by a sleepover at Hanajima-chan's house and goofy lovesick stalker antics of the Yuki and Kyo fan clubs. Less successful is the interlude about Yuki and his bewildering attraction to anti-social basket-case Machi. It's one thing to be socially awkward, it's another thing to respond to a kind gesture from a boy you like by slapping him.

While the focus here is squarely on the twisted love triangle between Akito, Kureno and Shigure, Fruits Basket Volume 17 also hints at mysterious, possibly tragic events that will eventually unfold in future volumes. Which brings me to the other downside to Volume 17: the three month wait until the arrival of Volume 18.

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