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Best Boys Love and Essential Yaoi Manga as Picked Via Twitter


21. CUT

© Toko Kawai

Author / Artist: Toko Kawai
Japanese Title: CUT
Publisher: Juné Manga / Digital Manga Publishing
Volumes: 1
US Publication Dates: 2009
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Chiaki is a handsome and popular high school senior, but his smiling facade hides a dark secret. When Chiaki skips out on a few crucial college exams, one of his classmates tries to find out why his friend is acting so strangely.

"An entirely pleasant surprise in a batch of review copies, featuring broken people triumphing over their pasts and lending each other strength."
- Michelle Smith, @swanjun

22. Desire

© Maki Kazumi and Yukine Honami

Author: Maki Kazumi
Artist: Yukine Honami
Japanese Title: Yabai Kimochi
Publisher: Juné Manga / Digital Manga Publishing
Volumes: 1
US Publication Dates: 2004
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A trio of high school classmates go from being just friends to being embroiled in a torrid love triangle. Can love untangle this twisted web of unrequited love, jealousies and deceptions?

"Lovely art, rare yaoi manga where the love story doesn't make you feel bad for the uke (the bottom, or passive person in a relationship) the entire time or at the end. Re-readable."
- Safety Girl, @safetygirl0

23. Dining Bar Akira

Dining Bar Akira
© Tomoko Yamashita

Author / Artist: Tomoko Yamashita
Japanese Title: Kuimonosho Akira
Publisher: NETComics
Volumes: 1
US Publication Dates: 2009
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Akira is the fun-loving, but basically responsible manager of Dining Bar Akira, a restaurant he runs with a group of his pals. But out of left field, an assistant chef named Torihara confesses his feelings for him. This is awkward for Akira, because he generally considers himself to be a straight guy -- but can Torihara's quiet persistence break past Akira's defenses?

"I always love a story where the obstacle to the relationship is the people themselves and not some external foe. Plus, it's really funny!"
- Michelle Smith, @swanjun

24. Dog Style

Dog Style Vol. 1
© Modoru Motoni

Author / Artist: Modoru Motoni
Japanese Title: Dog Style
Publisher: Kitty Media / Media Blasters
Volumes: 3
US Publication Dates: 2007 - 2009
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After having sex together, Teru and Miki are essentially friends with benefits, yet they aren't exactly lovers. Then Miki's friend Kashiwai enters the picture and that's when things get complicated.

"Dog Style is great 3-volume yaoi series, featuring unrequited love involving two friends, a set of brothers and a surprisingly complex storyline."
- Moji, @mojokins

25. Earthian

Earthian Vol. 1
© Yun Kouga

Author / Artist: Yun Kouga
Japanese Title: Ashian
Publisher: BLU Manga / TokyoPop
Volumes: 4
US Publication Dates: 2005 - 2006
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The archangel Michael has looked down on the world and found it sorely lacking. Before lays down the law, he assigns angels to look for the good and bad points of humanity -- whichever team gets the most points first determines Earth's ultimate fate, but in the end, it may be up to Chihaya, an angel with unusual black hair and wings.

"It's about two angels who tally up the pluses and minuses that humans do. Homosexuality on their planet is forbidden, yet they fall in love anyway. It's a rather nice (classic) dramatic yaoi series, and one of my faves."
- Azure Kitsune, @AzureKitsune

26. Kirepapa

Kirepapa Vol. 1
© 2003 Ryou Takagi and CORE Magazine

Author / Artist: Ryo Takagi
Japanese Title: Kirepapa
Publisher: Deux Press / Aurora Publishing
Volumes: 3
US Publication Dates: 2009 - 2010
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Chisato is a divorced dad who's looking out for his son Riju. Why? Because Chisato is convinced that anyone who befriends his adorable son is out to take advantage of him. One friend, Shunsuke continues to come around, even after years of Chisato's suspicions... But why?

"Chisato only wants to protect his only son from other guys trying to get their dirty hands on him. But Chisato doesn't realize that his son's best friend, Shunsuke has got his eye on his friend's dad. Not only does it have comedy, drama and suspense. But it's also an anime too!"
- Wendy, @ssmoonlight

27. Living for Tomorrow

Living for Tomorrow
© Taishi Zaou

Author / Artist: Taishi Zaou
Japanese Title: Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru no da
Publisher: Doki Doki / Digital Manga Publishing
Volumes: 1
US Publication Dates: 2009
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Tasuku and Ryouta are both on the high school karate team, but Tasuku has long had a crush on Ryouta that he dares not reveal. Instead, he takes out his frustrations on his friend in the guise of karate practice. When Tasuku starts to believe that he has inherited special luck-bringing abilities from his deceased mother, will these powers bring this unlikely pair together?

"A comedic boys love manga between friends, who doesn't know how to express their feelings. Great pacing and parodies."
- Linda, @animemiz

28. Love Mode

Love Mode Vol. 1
© Yuki Shimizu

Author / Artist: Yuki Shimizu
Japanese Title: Love Mode
Publisher: BLU Manga / TokyoPop
Volumes: 11
US Publication Dates: 2005 - 2008
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The handsome men of Blue Boy Escort Service are always on call -- but sometimes their personal dramas spill over into their 'professional' lives. Who says girls have all the drama in their relationships?

"Chock full of men who each have their own issues and stories. The obvious BL-ness is great -- just fabulous!"
- Linda, @animemiz

29. My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor

My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor
© Kazuka Minami

Author / Artist: Kazuka Minami
Japanese Title: Tonari no Heya no Paranoia
Publisher: 801 Media / Digital Manga Publishing
Volumes: 1
US Publication Dates: 2007
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Hokuto and Yukito have been friends since childhood -- but as Yukito's crush on Hokuto develops, Yukito tries to avoid Hokuto, because being near his crush is almost too much to bear. Then one night Hokuto surprised Yukito by seducing him. Have Yukito's dreams been answered, or is this just the beginning of his paranoid nightmares?

"You love someone from a far, then he moves next door. Now he's chasing you! So romantic."
- JRW, @togainunochi

30. Princess Princess

Princess Princess Vol. 1
© Mikiyo Tsuda

Author / Artist: Mikiyo Tsuda
Japanese Title: Princess Princess
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
Volumes: 5
US Publication Dates: 2006 - 2007
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When Kouno enrolls at an all-boys academy, he's surprised to find himself as the center of attention. Then he discovers why: the school has a tradition of picking boys to cross-dress as girls, and Kouno is chosen as the next likely candidate for the honor(?!).

"What's more interesting to find out that you have to dress up as a girl at an all boys school? It's also an anime series, but did you know that it was also made into a live action TV show called Princess Princess D?"
- Wendy, @ssmoonlight

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