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Read reviews and recommendations of the latest and greatest manga and manga-inspired comics from Asia, America and Europe. Learn more about the different kinds of manga, including shojo, shonen, seinen, josei, yaoi and yuri manga, age ratings for graphic novels and how to read manga in the traditional right to left style.
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Manga Recommended Reading Lists

Akira Volume 1 graphic novel cover by Katsuhiro Otomo

Intrigued by manga but don't know where to start? Or are you looking for your next favorite Japanese comics series? Try some of these recommended titles, both new and classic to get a taste of the exciting variety of artwork and storytelling styles available in the wonderful world of manga.

Manga Reviews and Ratings

Cover artwork for Naruto Volume 1 by Masashi Kishimoto

There's a lot of manga out there, but what's worth reading? Read reviews of new and popular manga graphic novels and see what's worth your $9.99 or best left on the shelf for someone else.

Types of Manga

Cover artwork for Full Moon o Sagashite Volume 1 by Arina Tanemura

"Manga" basically means "comics" in Japanese, but there's a wide variety of artwork styles and stories for almost every kind of reader at any age. There's romantic shojo manga for teen girls and action-packed shonen manga for boys, but it doesn't stop there. There's also seinen and josei manga for adult readers, both male and female, kodomo manga for kids, as well as yaoi (boys love) and yuri (girls love) manga which is most definitely not for younger readers. Get to know the basic genres of manga with our introduction to the various styles.

Manga and Anime Magazines

Cover artwork for Shonen Jump Magazine, April 2008 issue published by VIZ Media

Keep up on the latest manga and anime news, plus read the latest episodes of your favorite shojo and shonen manga series in these popular magazines.

New Manga, Magazines and Books Preview Galleries

Toto! The Wonderful Adventure Volume 1 by Yuko Osada, published by Del Rey Manga

Discover recent and upcoming releases from top manga publishers including VIZ Media, Del Rey Manga, Go! Comi and more in their preview galleries. Check out the cover artwork, plus find out plot summaries and release dates too.

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