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How to Read and Collect Manga Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Why do you have to read manga from right to left? What do the age ratings mean? Discover the answers to these Japanese comics mysteries and get cultural insight into the world of buying, reading and collecting manga.

Introduction to Age Ratings
Manga has something for everyone -- but not all manga is suitable for all ages. Our list breaks down the comics content ratings used by U.S. publishers, and provides examples of popular manga titles in each group.

6 Tips To Get More Manga in Your Local Library
Want to get more manga added to your local library's collection? Librarian and author Robin Brenner shares 6 simple ways to help nudge your local librarian to get hip to the manga tip.

Libraries Are Not The Same as Manga Scanlation Sites
Librarian and author Robin Brenner breaks down four reasons why reading manga from a library is not the same as reading illegal scanlations. When fans have protested the closure of sites that hosted scanlated or pirated manga, many protested that they didn't see the difference between reading manga scanlations online and borrowing and reading...

How to Read Manga Without Going Broke
At $8 - $12 per volume, buying manga can be a costly habit. There are several ways to enjoy your favorite graphic novels without going broke. Try these 11 money-saving tips to find cheap, free or discount manga, plus a few words about scanlations.

Top 10 Manga Reviewing Tips

As the manga guide / editor for About.com, I get to read and write about a lot of Japanese (and not Japanese) comics. Along the way, I've learned a few things about the in's and out's of writing manga reviews. I originally tweeted these tips (and got a few additional suggestions from the Twitter-sphere), but was encouraged to explain these comments in greater detail to share the…

10 Major Manga Trends for 2009
At the start of 2008, U.S. publishers planned to release over 1,700 new volumes of manga . By the end of the year, the worldwide economic slump hit the manga industry and forced several publishers to cut staff and schedules and one closed up shop. But all is not gloom and doom in manga land. There's lots of noteworthy changes in the air...

Manga for Kids: How to Read Manga
Udon Kids offers a quick tutorial on how to read Japanese manga, right-to-left.

WikiHow's "Getting Into Manga" Guide
The absolute beginners' guide to introducing yourself to the joys of manga, where to buy it and how to find a series that you'll like.

Manga Library - A Lending Library Resource for Fans
In response to the high costs involved in supporting a major manga addiction, Manga Library is starting a fan-run resource for cash-strapped fans. For the cost of postage, members are able to read their favorite titles for a fraction of the cost of buying their own copies.

Wired Magazine: How to Read Manga on Your Kindle
Wired Magazine offers links with helpful how-to's to read manga on your Kindle e-reader device.

Hey Women Comics! How to Read Manga
Hey Women, Comics! explains why manga is "backwards," and how to read and enjoy it.

Technorati: How to Read Manga Better Part 1: Learn Onomatopoeia
Manga translator Jeremiah Bourque offers a few tips for reading manga, starting with onomatopoeia, a.k.a. sound effects.

Technorati: How to Read Manga Better Part 2: Get the Hang of Grammar
Manga translator Jeremiah Bourque explains Japanese verbs and particles.

Technorati: How to Read Manga Better Part 3: Vocabulary
Manga translator Jeremiah Bourque offers more suggestions on how to improve your Japanese to enjoy reading manga. This column covers Japanese vocabulary.

Technorati: How to Read Manga Better Part 4: Loan Words and Colloquialisms
Manga translator Jeremiah Bourque offers more tips for reading manga in Japanese, by explaining loan words (English words in Japanese) and colloquialisms like "yatta!"

The Manga Critic: "If You're Going to Hate on Manga"
Kate Dacey schools some less-than-enlightened comics critics about manga, and why they should stop with the "googly eyes" comment already.

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