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Leave It To PET Volume 1

By Kenji Sonishi, published by VIZ Kids / VIZ Media


Quite possibly the first eco-conscious comedy comic book for kids, Leave It To PET features a plastic bottle that turns into a robot pet. On sale: May 5, 2009
Leave It To PET Volume 1 by Kenji Sonishi from VIZ Kids / VIZ Media

Leave It To PET Volume 1

© Kenji Sonishi / POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd.

Nine-year-old Noboru does the responsible thing and recycles a plastic bottle. But little does he know that the bottle is about to come back to life as PET, a robot with a mission: to pay Noboru back for recycling him! The only problem is that PET's sense of "helping" isn't quite in touch with reality.

  • Release Date: May 5, 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1421526492
  • Content Rating: E – Everyone / A – All Ages
  • Manga Genres: Shonen (Boys') Manga, Kodomo (Kids') Manga, Comedy
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