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Dinosaur Hour Volume 1

By Hitoshi Shioya, published by VIZ Kids / VIZ Media


What kid doesn't love dinosaurs? Now VIZ brings together prehistoric facts and manga fun in this laugh-filled graphic novel series. On sale: April 7, 2009
Dinosaur Hour Volume 1 by Hitoshi Shioya from VIZ Kids / VIZ Media

Dinosaur Hour Volume 1

KYORYU NO JIKAN © Hitoshi Shioya / POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd.

Journey back in time to an age when fierce and funny dinosaurs ruled the earth. In this world, dinosaurs are regular dudes who may rip each other to shreds but still deal with stuff like friends, parents and everyday headaches like the rest of us.

In each episode, Dinosaur Hour introduces an exciting dinosaur species through a brief educational tidbit...then reveals its gag comedy potential! With antics like these, it's no wonder these guys went extinct!

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