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No. 5 Volume 1

By Taiyo Matsumoto, published by IKKI COMICS / Shogakukan


In this four-volume surreal sci-fi series from Taiyo Matsumoto, a group of 10 global guardians with special powers are torn asunder when one defects.
Number 5 Volume 1, Page 26 by Taiyo Matsumoto, published by IKKI Comics / SHOGAKUKAN

© 2001 Taiyou MATSUMOTO/Shogakukan All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition "NUMBER FIVE" published by SHOGAKUKAN Inc.

Number 5 Volume 1

A group of global guardians, each with special powers are charged with keeping the peace in a desert world. But when one of these guardians, No. 5 runs away with a mysterious woman and kills two of his fellow "Numbers," he sets in motion events that threaten to tear the world apart.

Originally serialized in IKKI Magazine in Japan between 2001 – 2005, and published as an eight-volume series, No. 5 was recently republished as four double-sized volumes in Japan. Back in 2002, VIZ Media published the first two volumes of No.5, but discontinued the series due to slow sales. Now for the first time, the entire story of No. 5 will be available in English, in four volumes for the iPad.

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