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The Bed of My Dear King

By Sakae Kusama, published by SuBLime / VIZ Media / Libre


SuBLime's first digital-only release for 2012 is a work by a BL manga-ka noted for her 'mature, sophisticated storylines and art style.' The Bed of My Dear King is Sakae Kusama's English language debut. On sale: January 31, 2012
The Bed of My Dear King by Sakae Kusama from SuBLime Manga / VIZ Media / Libre Publishing

The Bed of My Dear King


From SuBLime Manga:

A suite of emotionally resonant, romantic stories told by a critically acclaimed manga creator. In The Bed of My Dear King, an electrician called to a remote job deep in the mountains discovers the startling reasons behind the behavior of the house’s lone occupant, an eccentric young sculptor. In Cherry, an overachieving high school student forms an unexpected bond with a laid-back classmate. And in Flowers, the secrets surrounding a tragic death lead to an unexpected, and poignant, resolution.

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