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Ambiguous Relationship

By Masara Minase, published by June Manga / Digital Manga Publishing


A collection of eight short stories from the creator of The Lonely Egotist, Ambiguous Relationship focuses on the dynamic between men in their 20's/30's and their younger lovers. On sale: February 17, 2012
Ambiguous Relationship by Masara Minase from June Manga / Digital Manga Publishing

Ambiguous Relationship

© Masara Minase / OAKLA SHUPPAN

From Digital Manga Publishing:

Satoru is used to being alone. Ever since high school, he has lived his life without anyone else. Then one rainy night he encounters a stranded stranger. Taking him in, he unexpectedly finds that being alone is not what he wants at all, and that what he wants may just be within his grasp. But does Reiji feel the same way? And will Reiji''s family accept it when they discover where he is?

A selection of angsty romance stories by master manga-ka Masara Minase, published in English for the very first time!

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