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A Message to Adolf Volume 1

By Osamu Tezuka, published by Vertical


Osamu Tezuka's WWII tale of three young men named Adolf returns, this time in a newly-translated two-volume series from Vertical. On sale: August 7, 2012
A Message to Adolf by Osamu Tezuka from Vertical

A Message to Adolf

© Tezuka Productions

From Vertical:

Vertical's release is a retranslated two-volume collection of the story, which follows three people named Adolf. Two are boys—one German, one Jewish—growing up during the rise of the Nazi regime. The young men's lives are intertwined with history's most infamous Adolf: Adolf Hitler, all while a Japanese reporter investigates one of the dictator's most guarded secrets.

  • Release Date: August 7, 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1935654438
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