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Vampire Cheerleaders Volume 1

By Adam Arnold, Shiei, ComiPa, published by Seven Seas Manga


The Bakerstown High cheerleading squad share a dark secret: they're all vampires. On sale: March 15 2011
Vampire Cheerleaders Volume 1 by Adam Arnold, Shiei, ComiPa from Seven Seas Manga

Vampire Cheerleaders Volume 1

© Adam Arnold, Shiei, ComiPa

From Seven Seas Manga:

The Bakertown High School cheerleading squad has a secret: behind all their pretty makeup and short skirts are five hungry vampires who sure know how to show their school spirit!

When one of their own turns up missing, the vampire cheerleaders have no other choice but to induct one of the eleventh grade girls from B Squad into their vixenous ranks. Siring new recruit Heather Hartley may be the easy part, but keeping her from turning into a vamp-gone-wild and draining the entire football team on the eve of the big homecoming game is another matter!

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