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Masque of the Red Death Manga Profile and Story Summary


The Masque of Red Death by Wendy Pini, published by Go! Comi

The Masque of Red Death

© Wendy Pini


Wendy Pini's Masque of the Red Death


Author and Artist: Wendy Pini
(Based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe)



3 volumes

Manga Genres:

Content Rating:

M – Mature / Adult, Age 18+ for erotic romance and mature themes
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About the Manga:

Based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe, Wendy Pini's Masque of the Red Death sets the action in a futuristic society where technology exists to prolong the life of people who live for self-indulgence.

In this world, the "prince" is Anton Prosper, the rich and reclusive son of a powerful mogul. Anton and his companion Steffan Kabala seek the secret to immortality, but playing God will ultimately have its price.

Originally serialized as a weekly animated webcomic on Go! Comi's website, Masque of the Red Death will also be released as a series of three graphic novels.

About the Author / Artist:

Wendy Pini is the artist and author of numerous graphic novels, including her most notable series, Elfquest. Elfquest was originally self-published by Pini and her husband Richard in 1977, and has gone on to become one of the most successful, influential and beloved fantasy adventure series in American comics.

In numerous interviews, Pini has acknowledged that her art style was very much influenced by Japanese anime and manga, especially the work of Osamu Tezuka. Pini is one of the first original English language manga creators and continues to innovate today by presenting Masque as an animated webcomic.

Story Summary:

Loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe's short story of the same name, Wendy Pini's Masque of the Red Death is set in a futuristic society where humans have extended their natural lifespan with technology. In this world of uninhibited indulgence lives Anton Prosper, the reclusive son of a rich and powerful magnate.

Anton's money and power allows him to search for the secret of immortality. With the help of geneticist Madame Kabala and her son Steffan, Anton is close to his goal. But when love, lust and jealousy come into play, these combustible circumstances just might destroy the world.

Main Characters:

Anton Prosper
"Prince" Anton Prosper was born to power and privilege. Intelligent, handsome and famous, Anton seems to have everything. But as the only son of a powerful, ruthless and decadent mogul, Anton grew up with everything but unconditional love. His lover Steffan is ready to offer the reclusive "Prince" his heart, but can this pair overcome their dysfunctional pasts, or will it lead to their destruction?

Steffan Kabala
Steffan has known Anton since they were both children, but it's only when they reunite as adults and scientific collaborators that their friendship turns into passion. But while love takes this pair to new heights, the complexity of their relationship also takes them down dark avenues of manipulation, jealousy, and perhaps their mutual destruction.

Daryel Mirrin
Young and idealistic Daryel is a technician at the Trankule Corporation, the rival company owned by the lifelong rival of Anton Prosper's family. While he doesn't live in the upper echelons of this futuristic society, his easy-going charms and good looks have caught the eye of a few admirers.

Fronda Trankule
As the daughter of rich industrialist Tono Trankule, Fronda has never been denied anything she's ever wanted. The latest fashions, the hottest parties, the cutest guys are hers for the taking. But she may be playing with fire when she flirts with Daryel, and when she attends a party at Anton's private island.

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