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Nana by Ai Yazawa - Series Profile and Story Summary


Cover artwork for Nana Volume 5 by Ai Yazawa, U.S. edition published by Shojo Beat / Viz Media

Nana Volume 5 by Ai Yazawa

© 1999 Yazawa Manga Seisakusho


Nana (English)
Nana (Japanese)


Author: Ai Yazawa



18 volumes (continuing)

Manga Genres:

Content Rating:

About the Manga:

Nana debuted in 2002 in the pages of Cookie, a Japanese shojo manga magazine geared toward older teen and twenty-something female readers. Yazawa's hip rock 'n roll romance has captured the hearts of readers across Europe, Asia and the U.S., and has been adapted into two successful live action films and a TV anime series.

In 2003, Nana won the Shogakukan Manga Award in the shojo category, and is Shueisha's all-time best-selling shojo manga title. It is currently serialized in the U.S. in Shojo Beat magazine

About the Author / Artist:

Ai Yazawa was born in Hyogo perfecture, Japan in 1967. Her first published manga appeared in 1986, and she has since created several hugely successful series, including Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighborhood Story) and Paradise Kiss.

Story Summary:

Small town girl Nana Komatsu has had her share of bad luck in love, so what better way to start fresh than to move to the big city, Tokyo? On the train, she meets a hip rocker chick also named Nana, and through a series of conicidences, the mismatched pair of single gals become roommates. While very different in looks, personality and ambition, both Nanas become fast friends who support each other through various ups and downs as they pursue their dreams.

Most of the plot of Nana revolves around Nana Osaki's pursuit of rock superstardom with her band the Black Stones, and their friendly rivalry with a band already on the rise, Trapnest. The intertwined relationships (both as lovers and friends) between the members of the two bands is the catalyst for much of the drama. Meanwhile starstruck Nana K.'s pursuit of love and a career that'll help pay those big city bills provides more everyday romantic scenarios.

Main Characters

Nana Komatsu
Nana is a small town girl with her head in the clouds. She craves real romance, but has the worst luck in boyfriends. Her dreams and ambitions change like the weather, but she knows one thing for sure: She wants to be a hip and happening single gal in glamorous and fast-paced Tokyo.

Nana Osaki
Street-smart Nana Osaki's goals are laser-focused: She wants to turn her small-town acclaim as a rock and roll singer into big city success. After her bassist boyfriend Ren moves to Tokyo to join Trapnest, another band on the rise, Nana O. becomes more determined than ever to reach the top of the charts on her own terms.

Ren Honjo
Sid Vicious-lookalike Ren is a talented bass player who once played in Nana O's band, the Black Stones before being recruited by Trapnest. Ren, like Nana, survived a tough childhood and both see rock stardom as the road out of their less than glamorous past.

Nobuo Terashima
Young and earnest Nobu is the guitarist for the Black Stones. Fresh out of high school and poised to inherit the family business, Nobu wants nothing more than to play in a band with Nana O. and help her realize her dreams of superstardom. Over time, he develops a crush on Nana K. but doesn't quite know how to turn his feelings into a real relationship with the starstruck single gal.

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