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Manga Publishers' Official Web Sites

Find out more about your favorite manga and graphic novels by visiting the official homepages of American and Japanese manga publishers. Get the latest news, release schedules, online manga previews and more from TokyoPop, Dark Horse Manga, VIZ Media and more.

Dororo Volume 2 - Review
Read a review of Dororo Volume 2, a shonen manga series by Osamu Tezuka from Vertical. In this second volume of a three-volume fantasy series, Hyakkimaru is reunited with the father and mother who cast him aside at birth, and who may yet want him dead.

Dark Horse Manga
From the pioneering comics and manga publisher who brought you Lone Wolf and Cub, Blade of the Immortal and Oh! My Goddess comes the Dark Horse Manga official Web site. Here you'll find full descriptions of all their manga titles, plus online previews.

Digital Manga Publishing
Find out about new, popular and upcoming releases from Digital Manga Publishing, including Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, Princess Princess and more.

Kodansha Comics
The North American branch of one of Japan's largest manga publishing companies offers an array of popular titles, including Genshiken, Sailor Moon and Negima!.

Manga University
Manga University offers readers manga-style books that teach you how to speak, read and write Japanese. They also offer books about Japanese culture, how-to-draw manga books, and a few original comics too.

Seven Seas Entertainment
With their mix of original comics and manga/manhwa licensed from Japan and Korea, Seven Seas Manga offers a fan-friendly variety of titles, including ToraDora, Gunslinger Girl and Hollow Fields.

SuBLime Manga
This partnership between VIZ Media, Animate and Libre Publishing aims to offer boys love manga in both digital-only and digital/print releases for yaoi manga fans worldwide.

TokyoPop Official Web Site
Visit TokyoPop's home on the Web (which is currently just their Facebook page, since they shut their North American publishing operations in mid-2011) and see what's new with this Los Angeles-based company.

Udon Entertainment
Udon publishes both original and licensed manga and art books, including many titles inspired by video games such as Mega Man, Street Fighter and Darkstalkers. They also publish Korean manhwa and comics for kids.

VIZ Media Official Web Site
Visit the home of Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, VIZ Media's official web site. Get the latest news, release schedules, online manga previews and more.

Yen Press Official Web Site
Drop by Yen Press' home on the web and find out more about their new and upcoming manga, manhwa and original English language manga releases across the spectrum of manga, including With The Light, Zombie-Loan, Alice on Deadlines and more.

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