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Official Websites:


US Offices
9420 Reseda Boulevard
Suite 555
Northridge, CA 91324

Germany Offices
Holstenplatz 20
22765 Hamburg, GERMANY

About This Publisher:

Los Angeles-based TokyoPop has established itself as one of the major publishers of English-language manga in the world. Besides licensing and translating Japanese manga and Korean manhwa, TokyoPop also publishes and promotes original English language manga by creators from the U.S. and Canada. TokyoPop also publishes manga in Germany.

TokyoPop's innovations in the manga market include their "100% Authentic Manga" line, which presented Japanese manga in its original right-to-left format, its Rising Stars of Manga talent search and standardized content rating system.

TokyoPop closed their North American publishing operations in June 2011, then resumed publishing manga in June 2012, albeit on a smaller scale with Right Stuf, a North American manga and anime distribution company.

Publishing Affiliations:

Manga Categories:

Popular Current Titles:

Artwork Submission Policy:

TokyoPop does not currently accept submissions of original comics or prose.

TokyoPop News:

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