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Aurora Publishing Publisher Profile


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(Stopped publishing in North America in 2010)

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Aurora Publishing
370 South Crenshaw Blvd, Suite E202A
Torrance, CA 90503

About This Publisher:

Founded in 2006 with its first manga releases out in 2007, Aurora Publishing is the first U.S. venture of Ohzora Shuppan (Ohzora Publishing Co. Ltd.), the leading publisher of josei manga in Japan. Ohzora's magazines and manga for women, including Harlequin Comics command an annual audience of 15.8 million readers. Aurora's offices are based in Southern California and publishes manga under two imprints: Aurora for its josei and shojo manga titles, and Deux Press for its yaoi manga or boys love comics.

Aurora ceased publication of its print titles in 2010, largely due to factors that affected almost every North American manga publisher: the recession in the U.S. and the closure of the Borders Books and Music chain. However, many titles formerly published by Aurora are now available as digital releases on JManga.com.

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