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Yen Plus Manga Magazine Profile


Soulless the Manga by Gail Carriger and Rem from Yen Press

Soulless: The Manga

Soulless © Tofa Borregaard, Illustrations © Hachette Book Group

About This Magazine:

Yen Plus made its debut in late July 2008 and instantly established itself as a different kind of manga anthology magazine. With its mix of Japanese manga, Korean manhwa and original comics by creators from North America and Korea, Yen Plus is a double-sided publication, with pages that read in both Japanese right-to-left and Western left-to-right formats. Preferring to concentrate solely on comics content, Yen Plus' mix of shojo, shonen and seinen manga and manhwa is geared to appeal to older teen readers.

In July 2010, Yen Press discontinued the print edition of Yen Plus, and instead made it available to readers worldwide as a digital anthology magazine. In 2012, Yen Press and Square Enix published new chapters Soul Eater NOT! on the same date worldwide; in print (in Japanese) in Japan, and digitally in English for readers worldwide.

Official Web Site:


Yen Press (US)
New York, NY, U.S.A.

Publishing Frequency:



  • Subscription price: $2.99/month US / 12 issues yearly

Comics Series Featured:

Columns and Articles:

  • Interviews with manga / manhwa creators
  • "Shrimp Art" - Behind the scenes commentary
  • "Otaku Pimp" - Japanese pop culture column
  • New Talent Search

Yen Plus in the News:

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