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Manga Blogs and News Sites

Read reviews, news and opinions about the wide world of manga from these popular blogs.

Anime News Network
An up-to-the-minute source of anime and manga news from Asia, Europe, the U.S. and beyond.

The Anime Blog
A fun and lively blog about anime, manga and Japanese culture. Includes insightful commentary, plus a round-up of news from other blogs and Web sites.

Extensive coverage of manga news from Asia and the U.S., including Japan bestseller lists.

An Eternal Thought In the Mind of Godzilla
Patrick Macias, editor of Otaku USA magazine and a long-time fan of Japanese pop culture, offers a fun sampling of Asian trash culture in his blog.

Hobotaku - Manga Reviews for the Disenfranchised
Leah and Nick mostly review manga, but toss in a few anime reviews here and there to keep things fresh!

A mix of a manga tidbits from other news sites and blogs, plus a healthy serving of opinion, commentary and reviews from Brigid Alverson, a professional writer and editor.

Loads of manga news and reviews from Japan, Asia and the U.S. from the intrepid MangaCast crew. A great source for up-to-the-minute news and commentary from writers who obviously know and love all kinds of manga.

Featuring reviews of manga scanlations (fan-translated Japanese comics), Mangajin primarily rates manga titles not readily available in English and provides thoughtful commentary on the art, story and translation.

Manga Life
An offshoot of Silver Bullet Comics, Manga Life publishes reviews of new manga, plus the occasional news blurb.

Manga Worth Reading
A compilation blog capturing all the manga-related blog news and reviews from Comics Worth Reading.

Prospero's Manga
Reviews of the latest manga releases posted every Tuesday and Thursday.

The 2nd Dimension
Thoughtful and well-written commentary on the latest anime and manga releases and news by Bob.

Shuchaku East
Opinionated and newsy, Shuchaku East features commentary, news and recommendations from Chloe, a manga fan based in Japan.

Slightly Biased Manga
A whirlwind of manga reviews from Connie, a Chicago-based blogger who writes up "manga only if i like it."

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