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Manga or Japanese comics has a distinctive style and approach to graphic storytelling. From the early origins of manga and pioneering creators like Osamu Tezuka and Keiko Takemiya to the hottest superstar manga-ka (artists) such as Tite Kubo and Arina Tanemura, see examples of the art and meet the artists who make manga so distinctive and dynamic.
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History of Manga

Norakuro Suiho Tagawa manga

What does ukiyo-e prints and Disney cartoons have in common? They both inspired the creation of the manga style of graphic storytelling. Learn more about the early origins and historical impact of manga in Japan, and the pioneering creators who paved the way for manga's global popularity and influence.

Manga Artists and Creators

Astroboy (Tetsuwan Atom) by Osamu Tezuka

Meet the creators who make manga, from artists and illustrators to creators who both write and draw their stories. Read biographies of legendary artists such as Osamu Tezuka and read interviews with today's hottest artists and creative minds.

Manga Authors, Editors and Publishers

Jason Thompson, manga editor and author of Manga: The Complete Guide

Meet the people who write, edit and publish your favorite manga, books and magazines. Find out the stories behind their publications, and what they have in store for readers in the months to come.

Manga Artwork and Illustration Galleries

Color artwork from Death Note volume 1 by Takeshi Obata / Tsugumi Ohba

Browse through galleries of artwork and illustrations from popular and award-winning manga series, including color images and sample pages from graphic novels.

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