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New People - Tomodachi and Takako Tokiwa

August 15, 2009 - New People Center, San Francisco, California


"Tomodachi" (Friend), the mysterious villain of 20th Century Boys arrived with actress Takako Tokiwa who also stars in the film as former tomboy Yukiji,
Tomodachi and Takako Tokiwa at the opening of the New People Center at the J-Pop Summit 2009

Tomodachi and actress Takako Tokiwa

© Deb Aoki

A major part of the New People Center is the new 143-seat VIZ Cinema movie theater located on the basement floor. New People Center is promising an array of contemporary Japanese feature films, documentaries, anime and more to be shown at this theater, including all three parts of the 20th Century Boys trilogy. The third installment will make its debut on the same day as its premiere in Japan, a very rare occurrence, if not the first instance of this kind of simultaneous release of a Japanese film in the U.S.

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