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Nana - Nana O. and Nana K.

From VIZ Pictures


Roommates Nana O. and Nana K. share a morning moment in Nana, from VIZ Pictures.
Mika Nakashima as Nana Osaki and Aoi Miyazaki as Nana Komatsu in Nana from VIZ Pictures

Mika Nakashima, Aoi Miyazaki in Nana

2005 "NANA" Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.

As mismatched roommates Nana Osaki (Mika Nakashima) and Nana Komatsu (Aoi Miyazaki) share a 7th-floor walk-up apartment. While Nana O. is a rocker chick and Nana K. is a somewhat ditzy trendy gal, the two discover that their differences somehow help make them better friends in Nana, from VIZ Pictures.

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