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Ping and Miho Tohya - Megatokyo Volume 3 cover

Artwork by Fred Gallagher


Ping the girl robot and Miho Tohya the mysterious gothic Lolita, characters from Megatokyo, as featured on the cover of Volume 3
Megatokyo Volume 3 by Fred Gallagher, published by Dark Horse Comics

Megatokyo Volume 3 by Fred Gallagher (Dark Horse Comics)

© FredArt Studios LLC

Ping (left)
Ping is a prototype Sony Playstation 2 robot girl with sophisticated emotional response circuits. She is also the missing property of the Sony Research and Development department, but has taken up residence with Piro and Largo. Designed to respond to emotional and social stimuli, Ping is perplexed by the love triangles, crushes, crossed romantic signals and misunderstandings that go on between Piro and Kimiko, as well as the attentions of Miho, the mysterious goth school girl.

Miho Tohya (right)
To Largo, Miho is a "Zombie Queen" whose evil schemes are a constant threat to him and his friends. To Piro, Miho is a past lover/enemy that he originally encountered in the online gaming world. To Ping, Miho is her best friend at high school. Manipulative and secretive, Miho is one of Megatokyo's biggest mysteries. What are her goals? Her motivations? And who is she really?

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