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Mind Over Manga Tour 2009 - Tokyo Tower Waffles

November 11 - 20, 2009 – Tokyo, Japan


After our long plane ride and an early evening of sight-seeing, it was time for a snack. Pink Dot Waffles offered several varieties of sweet treats to eat.
Pink Dot Waffles at Tokyo Tower, Mind Over Manga Tour 2009

Pink Dot Waffles at Tokyo Tower

© Deb Aoki

Pink Dot Waffles is located in the lower level arcades of Tokyo Tower, and offers treats such as green tea or strawberry waffles with ice cream, whipped cream and azuki beans.

At over 1,000 feet / 330 metres tall, Tokyo Tower is the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world and the tallest artificial structure in Japan. Visitors to Tokyo Tower can either visit the main observatory level at the 150 meter level, or pay an additional fee to go to the higher observatory deck at 250 metres -- each level provides a dazzling, panoramic view of Tokyo. Meanwhile, at the lower levels, "Foot Town" offers restaurants, gift shops and museums to entertain visitors of all ages.

Tokyo Tower is a familiar landmark to most anime and manga fans, as it's where stories such as Please Save My Earth, Magic Knight Rayearth and X 1999 are set.

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