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Mind Over Manga Tour 2009 - Tsundere Cookies

November 11 - 20, 2009 – Tokyo, Japan


What's a tourist attraction without a gift shop? Tokyo Tower had a few unique offerings including these "tsundere" maid cookies

"Tsundere" maid cookies at Tokyo Tower gift shop

© Deb Aoki

Anime culture is well-established in Tokyo -- as evidenced by these "tsundere" cookies featuring that tried and true anime personality archetype, the girl who's outwardly standoffish and cold, but eventually warm and loving. And why not make her dressed as a maid, yet another anime fan fave image too? I asked a few folks online to explain this odd cookie phenomenon, and got lead to this article, that explained that this is a box of "reverse Russian roulette" cookies, where 8 out of 10 cookies are very spicy. The maid (in true tsundere style) retorts "I don't mind if you eat them."

At over 1,000 feet / 330 metres tall, Tokyo Tower is the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world and the tallest artificial structure in Japan. Visitors to Tokyo Tower can either visit the main observatory level at the 150 meter level, or pay an additional fee to go to the higher observatory deck at 250 metres -- each level provides a dazzling, panoramic view of Tokyo. Meanwhile, at the lower levels,"Foot Town" offers restaurants, gift shops and museums to entertain visitors of all ages.

Tokyo Tower is a familiar landmark to most anime and manga fans, as it's where stories such as Please Save My Earth, Magic Knight Rayearth and X 1999 are set.