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Bleach doujinshi or fan-created comics by Studio in Labor, a fan circle from Toronto, Canada.

Bleach Doujinshi by Studio in Labor

© Tite Kubo / Studio in Labor

Doujinshi is essentially manga created by fans for fans. Typical doujinshi features characters from popular anime, manga or video games reinterpreted as humorous, romantic or even erotic manga artwork or stories.

For example, shonen manga titles with straight male characters such as Bleach or Slam Dunk are drawn as yaoi / boys love romantic/erotic stories.

Other doujinshi may be prequels, sequels or embellishments on incidents or minor characters from popular manga or anime series such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Naruto or Trigun. There are also doujinshi that feature original stories and characters, much like independent or small press comics in the U.S. and Europe.

The Japanese publishing industry recognizes the popularity of doujinshi and often looks the other way rather than pursuing copyright infringement enforcement against fan-created manga.

In fact, many doujinshi creators get discovered and move on to mainstream manga careers with major publishers as a result of their fan-creations. CLAMP (Tsubasa, Card Captor Sakura) and Sekihiku Inui (Comic Party, Murder Princess) are two examples of creators who've gotten their start as doujinshi artists.

Doujinshi are often created by "circles" or groups of creators and are sold at events such as the twice-yearly Comic Market (Comiket) in Tokyo, via fans' web sites or at manga shops. Many doujinshi are created in limited, short print-runs so doujinshi by popular creators often become coveted collector's items.

Pronunciation: DOH-jeen-shee
Alternate Spellings: Dojinshi
Common Misspellings: Dohjinshi
Examples of the world of doujinshi, otaku and Comiket include:

Doujinshi is also available from comics and collectibles shops including:

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