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"Tsundere" is a Japanese slang word referring to a particular personality type / character archetype commonly found in anime and manga. A girl or boy that is tsundere is usually aloof, irritable or violent, but can be sweet and loving in private, especially when she/he is with someone she/he cares about.

The origins of "tsundere" is in two words: "tsuntsun," which refers to someone who is aloof or blunt and "deredere," which means lovestuck or affectionate. The general assumption is that tsundere characters put up a tough front to hide their softer, sensitive side.

"Tsunderekko" is a term used to describe a tsundere girl, combining "tsundere" and the suffix "-ko," a commonly used suffix in Japanese girls' names that also means "child." Less common is "tsunderekun," which is the male equivalent.

Pronunciation: tZUN-deh-reh
Also Known As: Tsunderekko, Tsunderekun
Alternate Spellings: Tsun dere
Common Misspellings: Sundere, Tsundare

Examples of tsundere manga characters include:

Examples of "tsundere" used in a sentence:

  • "I just have a weakness for tsundere characters."
  • "Is she tsundere or just a snob?"

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