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Manga and Anime Shopping, Collectibles, Fan Clubs & Fan Sites

Our guide introduces you to the vast and colorful world of manga fandom, from obsessive otaku and collectibles shops to doujinshi fan art to scanlation web sites. Our directory also lists fan clubs and fan sites, plus links to online stores so you can find that special collectible to complete your collection.
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10 Ways to Support Comics Causes
Support comics and comics creators by joining or donating to these comics-centric museums and non-profit organizations in North America. From San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum to New York City's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, or Vermont's Center for Carton Studies, there are lots of ways to give to support the preservation and promotion of...

Manga Gifts Guide
Find gift-worthy art books, hardcover editions, boxed sets, DVDs and kid-friendly fare that manga readers will love. See my picks for great manga gifts, including the Fullmetal Alchemist box set, the MegaMan Tribute art book and Mameshiba Loves Winter.

Manga Cafe Mika
Manga Cafe Mika, San Francisco Japantown, Kintetsu Mall, Bay Area manga cafe

Otaku Gift Guide
For the super fan of anime and manga, the otaku, loving Japanese pop culture is not a hobby, it's a way of life. So give them something that shows off their fan cred with cool collectibles, fan gear or a dream trip to Tokyo! Read on and maybe you'll find something you'll love for yourself too.

Shojo Manga Gift Guide
Looking for a gift that will excite and delight a shojo manga fan? Go beyond the graphic novels by giving them cute tees, toys and cosplay accessories including irresistible collectibles featuring characters from Fruits Basket, Princess Ai, Angel Sanctuary and more.

Shonen Manga Gift Guide
Looking for a great gift for a shonen manga fan? Go beyond the graphic novels by giving them the gear to show off their allegiance to their favorite shonen manga series, including crave-able collectibles featuring characters from Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and more.

Comics & Anime Conventions - January - March 2012
What’s more fun than reading manga? Going to an anime or comics convention! Our calendar listing features anime, manga and comics conventions in the U.S., Japan and Europe, with dates, locations, events and web sites.

Comic Readers' Guide to Scanlations
The Comics Journal gives a fine overview of the world of manga scanlations or scanned translations of Japanese comics.

Manga Library - A Lending Library Resource for Fans
Too much manga to read, not enough money? Join Manga Library, a new sharing and borrowing organization by otaku, for otaku.

Bilingual Manga - Learn Japanese with Manga
Want to learn to read manga as it was originally created, in Japanese? Try the tutorials at BilingualManga.com, which offers both English and Japanese versions of the same comic page side by side, along with audio tutorials.

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