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Tired of Waiting For Love

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Tired of Waiting For Love

Tired of Waiting for Love

© Aida Saki, Yugi Yamada / TAIYOU TOSHO

The Bottom Line

Former yakuza gangster Kyousuke Sawaragi spent five years in jail on drug-related charges. Now that he's out, he wants to stay out of trouble. But trouble somehow finds him, as Kyousuke runs into his former cellmate Shuuya, a young man who has been trading his body to stay alive both in and out of prison.

Tired of Waiting for Love follows a pretty basic boys love formula: bad boy with a troubled past finds love/redemption with a gangster with a heart of gold. There's drama, hot guys, and lots and lots of torrid sex but very few surprises. Meets expectations but doesn't try to exceed them.


  • Gives BL fans what they want: lots of hot guys having lots of hot sex
  • A mix of naughty and nice that offers decadence with a 'love conquers all' ending
  • Translation and retouching is as good as other DMP releases
  • Digital only release offers an economical alternative to print edition


  • A predictable, formulaic plot that offers few surprises
  • Seems pretty smutty, but is actually more about romantic than sexual encounters
  • Kyousuke is stoic and almost too stiff to have much chemistry with Shuuya


Guide Review - Tired of Waiting For Love

What is it about gangsters that is so appealing to boys love manga creators and fans? Is it their "bad boy" image? Their decadent lifestyle filled with guns, sex, and drugs? Is it the romanticized image of men who live under a code of honor while flaunting the rules of 'normal' society? Or is it the subversive thrill of seeing a group of men who are known for their machismo craving lots of guy-on-guy action? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that there's probably a lot of more yakuza BL stories out there than there are gay gangsters in Japan.

Tired of Waiting for Love is a torrid boys love romance set in the gritty world of Japanese organized crime, albeit a romanticized version where guy-on-guy gang-banging is shrugged off as a 'well, whatever turns you on' thing rather than grounds for hazing or expulsion from the usually macho world of the mobsters. But if I wanted reality, would I be reading BL? Riiight.

Stripped of its gangster milieu and explicit prison sex, Tired of Waiting for Love is basically a yakuza fairy tale, where a "princess" gets rescued by a prince. Okay, the princess is a sexually-abused pretty boy, the prince is a stoic but honorable ex-gangster, and the dragon is a ruthless rival gangster. Once you know that, you pretty much know how things will go from there.

The pretty boy in Tired of Waiting for Love is Shuuya, a young man subjected to a lifetime of sexual abuse at home and in prison. After years of offering his body to survive, Shuuya barely understands what it means to love or be loved. After a particularly rough night at the club, an injured and nearly delirious Shuuya runs into Kyousuke, an ex-gangster who was also his cellmate in prison.

Against his better judgement, Kyousuke lets Shuuya spend the night, taking him in much as one would take in a stray cat (there's a stray cat that gets adopted too, just to drive home that point in case you missed it). But just when the pair begin to trust and fall in love with each other, Sone, Shuuya's abusive 'master' from his time in prison re-enters the picture.

Given that this is a one-volume story, Tired of Waiting for Love has few ambitions other than to give BL fans what they want: lots of hot guys having lots of hot sex with a bit of drama to make the romance that much sweeter when the main couple figure out that they're meant to be together.

Fan fave artist Yugi Yamada draws men with bedroom eyes, pouty lips, and physiques that are manly and muscular or lithe and androgynous, depending on who's the "top" or the "bottom." Aida Saki's story delivers a mix of naughty and nice that makes this story both romantic and smutty.

Tired of Waiting for Love is mostly notable because it is Digital Manga Guild's first release, but otherwise, it's fairly unremarkable fare. It has enough eye candy and smut to be entertaining, but it's a bit too predictable to be a something worth reading more than once.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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