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Logo for Yaoi Jamboree, a yaoi manga, anime and slash fiction convention held in Glendale, Arizona

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"Yaoi Jamboree is a brand new Yaoi, Slash, and BL fan convention operated by Yaoi Press, the leading publisher of manga- influenced yaoi graphic novels. "

2008 marks the first year for Yaoi Jamboree, an annual event focusing on yaoi or boys love manga, anime, artwork and games. This 3-day event attracts a largely female adult audience from North America and beyond. Because of the explicit sexual content in some yaoi manga and anime available at this event, attendees must be 18 years or older.


Friday, June 20 - Sunday, June 22, 2008


Special Guests:

  • Futaba & Kurenai Mitsuba, manga creator team behind Level C and A Kings Lesson
  • Eiki Eiki, artist/creator of Dear Myself and Art of Loving
  • Le Peruggine, Italian artist and author team behind Cain and Winter Demon
  • Mikiyo Tsuada and Taishi Zao, Japanese artist and author team behind Princess Princess and The Day of Revolution
  • The Slants, an Asian-American pop band
  • More Special Guests


  • Anime TV and movie screenings
  • Autograph sessions with special guests
  • Panels related to yaoi manga, anime and slash fiction
  • Industry Panels featuring new manga releases from 801 Media / Digital Manga Publishing, Yaoi Press and more.
  • Sketch Jam featuring live models
  • The Bishonen Wheel, an opportunity for fans to see actors act out sexy yaoi scenarios.
  • Catch the Bishie Contest
  • Costume Contest
  • Live musical performance by The Slants
  • Dance
  • Game Room
  • Artists Alley

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