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Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009 – Derek Kirk Kim

May 9 - 10, 2009 - Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, Canada


Derek Kirk Kim shows off artwork from The Eternal Smile, a graphic novel written by Gene Yang, illustrated by Kim, and published by First Second.
Derek Kirk Kim at Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009, Toronto, Canada.

Derek Kirk Kim and The Eternal Smile by Kim and Gene Yang

© Deb Aoki

Portland, Oregon-based comics creator Derek Kirk Kim proudly shows off copies of The Eternal Smile, his graphic novel project written by Gene Luen Yang from First Second.

The Eternal Smile features three short stories about a teen boy on a fantasy quest, a money-grubbing cartoon frog, and a shy office worker who gets an email from a Nigerian prince asking her to help save his kingdom. These very different tales have one common thread: each character must choose between existing in a fantasy of their own creation or find the courage to face harder truths in their lives instead.

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