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San Diego Comic-Con 2008 - Chinese Batman Comics

July 23 - 27, 2008 – San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA


At his Thursday afternoon presentation, Chip Kidd showed an example of Chinese Batman comics. Check out a cameo by Jesus near the top left.
An example of Chinese Batman comics shown at the Bat Manga! panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2008

An example of Chinese Batman comics, from Bat Manga!

© Deb Aoki

Chip Kidd shared stories and artwork from his upcoming book, Bat Manga! (due out from Pantheon in October 2008) and told stories about the creation of these long-forgotten, original Batman stories drawn and written by Jiro Kuwata, the artist of 8 Man.

Kidd also showed examples of Chinese Batman comics, which will only appear in the hardcover edition.

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