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2009 FanimeCon – Sasuke Cosplay

May 22 - 25, 2009 - San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California


There were many Naruto cosplayers and even a few Sasuke cosplayers -- but none quite like Chris' version of Sasuke.
Chris R. as Sasuke from Naruto at FanimeCon 2009

Chris R. as Sasuke from Naruto

© Deb Aoki

Naruto is far and away the most popular shonen manga published in the U.S., and many FanimeCon fans came dressed to pay tribute to Masashi Kishimoto's ninja clans.

Chris R. from Alta Loma, Southern California mentioned that he debuted this costume at Anime Expo 2008, but that certainly didn't diminish its impact as he spread his latex and fabric wings in the lobby of the McEnery Convention Center.

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