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Best New Comedy / Slice of Life Manga: Bunny Drop
Bunny Drop Volume 1 by Yumi Unita, published by Yen Press

Bunny Drop Volume 1


Daikichi is a 30-year old bachelor who goes to his grandfather's funeral and discovers that the family patriarch has fathered a 6-year old girl. With Rin's mother nowhere to be found, the family argues about the now orphaned child's fate. Disgusted by his family's reluctance to care for Rin, Daikichi volunteers to be her guardian, without realizing what it means to be a single parent.

Bunny Drop (a.k.a. Usagi Drop) has been adapted into a live-action feature film starring Kenichi Matsuyama, due for release in Japan in 2011. Here's hoping this story will make its way to North American theaters too.

Here's how you voted:

  • 31% - Bunny Drop by Yumi Unita (Yen Press)
  • 24% - Chi's Sweet Home by Konami Kanata (Vertical)
  • 16% - K-On! by Kakifly (Yen Press)
  • 16% - Hetalia: Axis Powers by Hidekaz Himaruya (TokyoPop)
  • 11% - Saturn Apartments by Hisae Iwaoka (VIZ Signature / VIZ Media)

More about Bunny Drop:

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