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2009 About.com Best New Manga Readers Polls

What were the best manga released in 2009? About.com Manga readers made their picks and chose the year's best new manga series and manga books in shojo, shonen, seinen/josei, international and yaoi manga.

2009 About.com Manga Readers' Polls

It was almost mind-boggling how much great manga came out in 2009, but which were the cream of the crop comics? I made my picks for the best of 2009, and so did the critics — but what did About.com readers choose as their favorite new manga of the year?

2009 Readers Poll: Best New Shojo Manga

2009 was a great year for manga, and there was a lot of memorable, romantic, funny and sweet shojo manga titles that made their debut. See which new shojo manga series won the hearts of readers this year.

2009 Readers Poll: Best New Shonen Manga

2009 brought us a bumper crop of new and notable shonen manga titles filled with drama, action and excitement. See which new shonen manga series topped the readers' picks for the year.

2009 Readers Poll: Best New Seinen/Josei - Drama

With so many amazing seinen (men's) manga releases making their debut, and so few josei (ladies) titles, I combined the two categories for grown-ups and split them into two categories by general story genre: drama and comedy. See which titles topped the drama poll.

2009 Readers Poll: Best New Seinen/Josei - Comedy

Most of the critically-acclaimed new manga for grown-ups were dramas or action stories, but there was no shortage of laughs and slice-of-life charm to be found in this year’s batch of seinen andjosei manga. See which one made the most readers laugh.

2009 Readers Poll: Best New All-Ages Manga

With both Udon Kids and VIZ Kids pumping out new titles for younger readers, there was lots to choose from in the all-ages manga category this year. Monsters, fairies, robots, cute critters and rambunctious robots came out to play. See readers' pick for the best all-ages read of 2009.

2009 Readers Poll: Best New One-Shot Manga

Sometimes great things come in small packages — or at least single volumes. These stand-alone graphic novels offered memorable memoirs, suspenseful dramas, romantic short stories, and visits to strange and wonderful worlds. See which one won a place in readers' hearts.

2009 Readers Poll: Best New International Manga

2009 brought us new titles from China and France, as well as creators from almost all corners of the globe making manga-influenced comics, so in this readers' poll, fans were asked to choose the year's "Best New International Manga".

2009 Readers Poll: Best New Korean Manhwa

Manhwa from Korea has been published in the U.S. since 2002 – but 2009 brought us a whole bunch of new titles to choose from. Romantic comedies, supernatural suspense, action-packed adventures and even a boys love story is in the mix. See which one won the most votes in the 2009 poll.

2009 Readers Poll: Best New Yaoi Manga

Ah, the many moods of boys love manga! Sweet and heartfelt romances. Exotic and erotic trysts. Down and dirty encounters in the gritty city. With all the lovesick schoolboys, lusty demons and rebellious rock stars to choose from, see which one won the hearts of About.com readers in 2009.

2009 Readers Poll: Best Classic or Reissued Manga

Some manga stand up to the test of time, and come back to delight new readers again and again. Whether they were rescued from licensing limbo or were editions of older titles once only seen in Japan, see which book was picked by readers as even better the second time around.

2009 Readers Poll: Best Manga Book

Manga readers had more than graphic novels to choose from in 2009 — there were also several noteworthy art books and collections of manga essays published too. With books ranging from scholarly to light-hearted, see which books got the most votes.

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