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Interview: Hikaru Sasahara from Digital Manga Explains YaoiCon's Move to L.A.

By November 4, 2011

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Hikaru Sasahara at YaoiCon 2011

For the past 10 years, boys love manga fans have been flocking to the San Francisco Bay Area every autumn for YaoiCon, "a celebration of male beauty and passion in anime and manga" for a weekend of giddy fun among other boys love fans. But YaoiCon 2011 brought its share of surprises, including the announcement made at the opening ceremonies: that Southern California-based Digital Manga Publishing would be taking over the reins of this long-running, fan-run show, and that as of 2012, YaoiCon would be moving to Los Angeles.

While this was big news, it wasn't all that Digital Manga had to share with fans at the show. They also unveiled their new Digital Manga and Vampire Hunter D apps available via the Android Market and Apple App Store, announced some new Digital Manga titles for 2012, and gave fans an update on Digital Manga Guild, their initiative to give fan translators/editors/typesetters a chance to localize manga and take a cut of the profits for their efforts.

Digital Manga Guild logoWhile at YaoiCon, I caught up with Hikaru Sasahara, President of Digital Manga and asked him why DMP decided to take on YaoiCon. While I was at it, I also asked him about Digital Manga Guild, one year after it was announced at YaoiCon 2010. He had some surprising things to say about his plans for DMG, including plans to have Guild members take on a more diverse array of manga titles and genres that aren't just about boys loving boys, and his relationship (or not) with JManga.com.

Also, coming soon: my chat with Sue Chen, the director and founder of YaoiCon, as she gives her side of the story, regarding the hows, and whys of YaoiCon's move to Los Angeles in 2012. More to come soon!

Image credit: Deb Aoki, Digital Manga Inc.


November 9, 2011 at 1:38 pm
(1) Lyn Jensen says:

Thanks for the news, Deb, but I’m going to be the grammar police. Shouldn’t “Boys Love” be capitalized? Or even better, abbreviated as “BL”?

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