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C2E2 Manga News: Mangettes, CLAMP in America Delayed

By April 20, 2010

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Okimono KimonoThis weekend, the first C2E2 (Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) was held at McCormick Place in the Windy City. While manga and anime didn't have much of a presence at this largely comics-centric show, MangaBlog's Brigid Alverson sniffed out a few news tidbits for Comic Book Resources' Robot 6 blog.

First up, CLAMP news -- or more specifically non-news as the long-awaited, much talked-about but so far nothing to show for it project from superstar manga creator quartet CLAMP, their "mangettes" project with Dark Horse is officially on hold for the time being. Alverson cornered Dark Horse's PR guy Jeremy Atkins, and as he described Dark Horse's upcoming releases of omnibus editions of Chobits, Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, and their kimono art book, Okimono Kimono (which is due out next week), she also got this update out of him:

"We decided it made more sense to focus on getting collections of all these materials, and create an association between CLAMP and Dark Horse," he said. "We will do new CLAMP material in the future. We have a relationship with CLAMP to develop new material, we just have to do it."

So if you're keeping score at home, after announcing the Mangettes project to much fanfare in summer 2007 and getting fans pretty pumped at the concept of a first-ever as-it-happens Japan-Korea-US release of new stories by CLAMP, Dark Horse has made it official that things are still simmering and probably won't be ready to serve for a while. So it goes.

CLAMP in AmericaIn related CLAMP news, the release date for Del Rey Manga's original edition of CLAMP in America by CLAMP and Shaenon Garrity has been pushed back again. When this book was first announced, the original release date was July 2009. Then it was pushed to May 2010. Now, it looks like this book won't hit stores until September 28, 2010. Here's hoping that this release date sticks, but we'll just have to see how it goes.

Meanwhile, no word from Del Rey on the previously announced release of Soryuden, the light novel by Yoshiki Tanaka, featuring illustrations by CLAMP. This title was announced at Comic-Con 2008, but its original May 2009 release date has come and gone, with no word of its current fate. Comics by CLAMP will always be popular, but as fans are finding out, you can't always count on them released as promised.

In the meantime, CLAMP fans will still have much to keep them entertained, as Yen Press is on schedule to release the first two volumes of Kobato. in May 2010.

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