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Manga Review: Gundam 00 & Gundam 00-F Fail On Takeoff

By February 7, 2010

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Gundam 00 Volume 1Giant robots are a staple of Japanese anime action, and as such, there are legions of fans who just are faithful followers of mecha-dominated series like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann and of course, the 800-lb gorilla of mecha mania, Mobile Suit Gundam.

Since the first Mobile Suit Gundam series debuted in 1979, it has spawned numerous movies, spin-offs and one-offs set in the Gundam universe. One of the more recent incarnations of Gundam is Gundam 00, which features a new cast, but all of the political intrigue, drama and of course, giant robots engaged in life-or-death warfare. Bandai Entertainment has released the Gundam 00 anime series in the US, so it seems only right that Bandai is also publishing two manga series based on the Gundam 00 storylines: Gundam 00 and Gundam 00 F.

Gundam 00 F Volume 1Now, try as I might, I find the whole Gundam universe absolutely impenetrable -- maybe it's because I have that pesky Y-chromosome, I don't know. So I called upon my favorite go-to Gundam guy, Brad Rice, Editor in Chief at Japanator.com to give these two Gundam manga a read and rate 'em as only a fan could. Here are Brad's reviews of Gundam 00 Volume 1 and Gundam 00 F Volume 1. Check 'em out and see why the two similar but different Gundam stories left even Brad scratching his head.

Here's a little more about Brad, and where you can find more of his writing:

Brad Rice is currently the Editor-in-Chief for Japanator.com, a Japanese pop culture site that covers everything from otaku news and goods to music, film and even politics. Brad has also freelanced for Danny Choo and The Escapist Magazine.

When not writing about anime and manga, Brad is working on papers and writing screenplays -- but enjoys writing about videogames at Destructoid.com and figures at Tomopop.com.

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